Structure of Sessions

(Cliff Notes: Approx. 1 hour online session costing $150 per session)

Online: All of my sessions are conducted virtually, meaning all of my sessions are telehealth sessions done over the computer. I use a secure, HIPAA compliant platform designed specifically for administering telehealth. As with most things there are both benefits and drawbacks to this mode of doing therapy. I have found that with individuals’ and families’ busy lives, the benefits of having therapy come to you outweigh the negatives.


Session Length and Rates: You’ll find out more about why I don’t take insurance below, but one of the biggest reasons is length of sessions. Insurance dictates the length and rates of sessions based on what it thinks is necessary. In my experience, there are days where your anxiety or depression doesn’t really care that we’ve already talked for 52 minutes! By stepping away from the insurance boss, I am able to give you the session length that you need. The majority of sessions last around one hour. However, I create a 90 minute block of time in my schedule for you, so that if it doesn’t feel right to end the session at one hour, I have the time in my schedule without feeling worried I will short change the next client. I charge $150 per session, which is slightly below the industry average in my area. This allows for time not to feel like a dictator, because there are also times when an hour is not needed. Sometimes client’s are in a good spot and don’t want to do a deep dive in a session and 30 minutes in, the only thing left to discuss is the weird neighbor with the obnoxious dog. When you’re paying top dollar, you want to get your money’s worth and ending early can feel like a rip off. By charging slightly less and opening up a bigger time slot, our normal hour-long session can go over or under and we both still feel valued. (Please note: Clients with a Health Savings Account are able to pay for sessions with that. If $150 represents too much financial burden for you, send me an email and we can discuss a possible reduced rate.)

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Why I Don’t Take Insurance

Because no one likes to be told what to do! Okay, that is an over-simplification, but has some truth. As stated above, I did not like being told how long my sessions could be. But more importantly than that, I don’t want to be told who I can and cannot see. When you use insurance, you MUST have a diagnosis, and a lot of people who seek out therapy could meet the criteria for one. But many don’t, especially when the issues are relational. I want to be able to work with anyone who wants the help of a therapist, whether they have enough “symptoms” for a diagnosis or not. And I want to be able to work with people for as long as they want, even if their “symptoms” have reduced. Because you pay out of pocket, insurance can’t tell you if and for how long you can see me. I also find it true that for many clients with high deductible insurance, they often end up paying close to my rate until they meet their deductible anyway. It is no doubt an investment, but one that we will both be more diligent about when we’ve both got some skin in the game. Most importantly, you’re worth the investment!