What I Do


As someone who loves to explore and loves living in Minnesota, my son and I spent 8 years traveling to all of Minnesota’s 75 State Parks. It was a blast. The first thing I did when we got to a park, was go to the office, get a map, and ask the park ranger what their favorite thing to do or see in the park was. Their job was to tell me what was possible, what the good, better and best sights were, and show me how to get to them. Our job was to take that information, decide what we had time and energy to do, and hit the road. (The top picture is one I took after a 30 foot walk to the fishing pier at Lake Monson State Park. We caught no fish. The bottom picture is one I took after a difficult 3 mile hike to the mysterious and stunning Devil’s Kettle at Judge Magney State Park. No one knows where the water goes from the upper falls! The bottom one was definitely more rewarding, but I’m glad we went to both.)


In the therapy process, I am like the park ranger. I’m here to show you what might be possible, what the good, better and best options are for healing in your situation, and give you the tools and the map of how to get there. Your part is to decide what you have the resources to do and start the journey.  As a therapist, it is such a joy to share with my clients what I know and what is possible. And as a fellow traveler, I can also tell you that spending yourself on a grueling journey is worth the reward at the end, be it a scenic view or a deep personal or interpersonal healing.


How I Do It

My daughter-in-law is an amazing cook. Whenever I ask her for a recipe of something she has made, she gives it to me by telling me to start with this, then put in some of that, then add a little of this, then put in this until it tastes like you want. I can assure you, when I cook this way, it NEVER tastes like I want! (Pictured are delicious homemade apple fritters she made with apples from my apple tree.) However, when it comes to doing therapy, I’m much more of a little of this, little of that kind of person. I have a lot of different training, backgrounds and certifications. I don’t use any of them exclusively or to the letter. I find that having a broad range of “ingredients” helps me have just the right one for the right situation. Sometimes, it’s a session where you just need to vent or cry and I mostly listen. Sometimes, you need a specific tool or strategy or insight. Sometimes, it’s time for a deep dive into the past and trauma. Sometimes, it’s you and your partner that need to hear each other better. I try my best to assess what each unique situation needs.

For those of you that like to do therapy the way I like to cook, here is my recipe:

  • I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with the Minnesota State Board of Marriage & Family Therapy (License # 3279)
  • I have a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from Bethel Seminary
  • I am a certified Discernment Counselor and a certified EMDR therapist
  • I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT)
  • I have training in Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS)
  • I am interested in, do a lot of personal learning in and have several years of experience working with issues of trauma, sex and intimacy, relationships, infidelity and spirituality and spiritual trauma

Why I Do It


I love it! It’s really as simple as that. I love getting to be a part of people’s joy and pain. I love helping people heal from wounds they got 50 years ago and last week. I love seeing people love others and get loved by others better. I love being a part of helping people unearth their best, truest, most beautiful selves. I spend my days with real people, living real lives…what’s not to love! (This is the real me kayaking, something else I really love)



“Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.”

– Frederick Buechner