I’m So Glad You’re Here!

I can’t see your face, but I am so glad you are here! Sometime in the past, I sat at my kitchen table thinking about what I wanted to say to you when you landed on my page to help you feel seen and to give you hope that whatever struggle brings you to this place, there is hope for change.

So, I invite you to spend a little time getting to know me and what I’m all about on the pages of this website. And if after that, you feel safe ENOUGH, hopeful ENOUGH, curious ENOUGH, I hope you will email me with a question or two and give me a chance to get to know you too. As I write this, I’m already getting excited about who you might be and where we might journey together!

Come Take a Walk with Me

I think finding a good therapist can be a little like finding a good hairstylist or car mechanic. It can be difficult to find someone you can trust, and once you do you don’t want to go to anyone else. With a lot of my clients, we journey together for a while. (This is a picture of me from the late 80’s, so the need to find a good hairstylist is not lost on me!) So, feel free to take some time here to see what I’m all about. Along the side (or down below if you’re on a phone), you will learn a little more about me as a person. Under “About Me” you will find out more about my experience and approach as a therapist. Go to “About My Practice” to learn about how I structure sessions and how payment works. “About Therapy” gives you a little more about what to expect from therapy in general and specifically from the couple of modalities I use a lot. When and if you are ready to contact me with more questions or find out how to move forward as a client, you can go to the “Contact Me” page to do that. Take a few minutes to explore…you are worth it!


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second best time is today.”

– Chinese Proverb